Meet the Health Center Team

The Gorman Chiropractic & Holistic Health Center Team


Dr. Michael Gorman, Owner/Chiropractor

Dr. Jasia Lachik, Chiropractor (2016)

Dr. Laila Wah, Oriental Medical Doctor (2015)


Kim Gorman, Vice President (2005)


Beth Carroll, Front Desk Assistant (2009)


Dianne Quinnones, Front Desk Assistant (2013)

Andrea Carroll, Chiropractic Assistant/Massage Therapist (2009)

Mark Coles, Chiropractic Assistant/Massage Therapist (2014)

Theodore Hampton, Chiropractic Assistant/Massage Therapist (2017)

Kristina Crabtree, Massage Therapist (2016)

Dave Dixon, Ideal Protein Coach (2013)

Lucia Arambillete, Insurance and Billing Specialist (2013)

Ellen Neubaur, Insurance and Billing Specialist (2015)



Jeff Peltz, Practice Representative (2016)

Erin Otto, Practice Representative (2016)

Irina Aminova, Insurance and Billing Specialist (2016)

Ginny Fiorentine, Operations Administrator (2010)

Giovanna Couillard, Website Administrator (2005)

Year listed is when that team member joined the team.